Statistics show a significant increase in the number of users searching the Internet through mobile devices. This trend will continue in the future as well, and in response to the new trends, a new approach and a concept in the design of web sites called “responsive design” (a design adapted to all devices) emerged. Responsive web design focuses on simplicity. It is based on the idea of ​​making only one web site that can be displayed on all screen sizes, whether it’s a mobile phone, a laptop, a tablet.

Benefits of responsive design adapted to mobile devices:

  • Low maintenance costs – since we only have one page to maintain, while changing the display on different devices, the content remains unchanged.


  • Equal visual identity – with the same web site and for mobile and desktop devices, it is much easier to maintain a unique visual identity and recognizability of your inside.


  • User compliance – responsive sites are easy to use and allow customers to easily connect with your company.


  • There is no redirection of the site to another address – the fact is that you have one site for all devices so there is no need to redirect to other addresses.